Partnering with and Empowering Individuals and Families
to Improve Their Quality of Life in Southeast Detroit and Neighboring Communities.



Suite 101
14456 East Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48215
Office: 313-263-1633
Toll Free: 888-465-4166



Welcome to Hope Community
Outreach and Development! 

Hope Community Outreach and Development, commonly known as HCOD, is a community based 501c3 non-profit located in the Jefferson-Chalmers community.  HCOD has become an active, integral part of this re-emerging neighborhood.  Based on our dedication to neighborhood revitalization, HCOD has partnered with local non-profits, businesses, educational institutions, churches, and residents in a collaborative effort to make a difference by improving the overall quality of lives of individuals and families in this region.

After hearing the voices and hearts of our neighborhood*, HCOD has committed to being a catalyst to meet the needs of its constituents in the identified core areas of need:   Health, Safety, Education, and Employment.

The passion for changed lives and the compassion for those in need are the driving forces behind Hope Community Outreach and Development and its mission.   Join us as we forge ahead to continue to make the vision of our region becoming an active, healthy, safe, and vibrant community, a reality.


Monique Holliday
Executive Director


*based on a neighborhood needs assessment survey




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