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Women’s Health Fair
HCOD promotes healthy living for women via the Women’s Health Fair facilitated by lay health promoters.  Guests receive FREE health screenings and in cardiovascular care, cancer detection, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes detection, dental care, and stress management. Additional resources from health professionals (American Heart Association, Detroit Medical Center, Karmanos, St. John Providence-SIDS prevention, Sweet Smiles Dental, Natural Touch Massage, and Living Waters Yoga) are made available.  Participants receiving negative screening results are referred to appropriate healthcare providers for additional care.  All attendees are contacted post the fair by lay health promoters and are encouraged to attend sub sequential educational healthy living workshops.

Educational Workshops
Educational workshops in healthy lifestyles including “The Heart Truth”, Exercise/yoga, healthy eating with a live cooking demonstration, and CPR training are held for individuals interested in improving and sustaining their health and the health of others.  Each participant receives take home educational materials, including pedometer, waist measurers, healthy snacks, etc.


Miriam’s Club*

Miriam’s Club targets young ladies aged 11 -16.  The objective of Miriam’s Club is to train and empower adolescent girls to be a resource in the community around  
health, safety, and personal care issues.    Since pre- and early teen girls are often interested in working with infants and young children, it is the goal of Miriam’s Club to equip these young ladies in proper physical and emotional care of self and others through multiple small and large group workshop sessions.   Sessions are lead by a team of trained lay health promoters from Hope Community Church and additional community representatives.  The sessions consist of training and lessons in self-esteem, empowerment, goal setting, nutrition, exercise, and integrity. The curriculum will also include a babysitting training course that will equip participants for certification in babysitting from the American Red Cross.   A closing celebration is held for the participants at the conclusion of the project. 

Grow a Garden Grow a Community*
HCOD hosts the Grow a Garden Grow a Community initiative with the Manistique Community Garden's "Freedom Growers".  This project focuses on youth and teaching them about healthy food sources and healthy eating.  Pre-adolescent youth are able to obtain produce from the community garden and receive educational instruction from a professional chef and are able to participate in the preparatiom of their own healthy food  items.  Upon completion, the group is able to sit down and eat the healthy meal together. The time together is supplemented with educational games to reinforce the healthy eating project lesson.


Healthy Cooking, Eating and Shopping
HCOD promotes healthy cooking, eating, and shopping through bi-monthly sessions for families in the community who participates in Hope’s Food Pantry.  Guests receive free lessons in healthy menu selections and recipes, cooking samples, while obtaining the recipe ingredients and healthy cost effective shopping tips.  Guests are able to shop for needed food items based on family size.


Community Garden
Hope’s Community Garden project is a community collaboration of planting fresh fruit and vegetables in neighborhood lot on Marlborough Street.  Residents and community volunteers join to plan, plant, and maintain the garden.  Community members are able to share in the harvest of the produce. This year's produce includes: eggplants, collard greens, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, green peppers, watermelon, etc.


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